Angular JS Starter Kit

Angular JS5.0 + Bootstrap4.1 Starter Kit

Bootstrap template design Angular JS Starter Kit for Quick Start Angular JS Project

Angular JS Starter Kit

This angular js 5 starter kit created using ng-bootstrap directives and our css files.This is also a basic demo for angular js incorporation with our template. Most of our HTML component structure can be adopted in angular project. While in template there are jQuery component used but instead you can use angular components in your angular project for better performance. This also represents compatibility with our template css files with angular js project as in starter kit.

Features and files are used as below:

  • Developed using boostrap-v4.1.0
  • angular-v5.2.5
  • angular/cli-v1.7.0
  • [ng-bootstrap-v1.0.0](
  • [ngx-translate-v9.1.1](
  • Angular i18n support.
  • Production and development builds.
  • Integrated with bootstrap template design HTML and CSS

We have used code editor Angular IDE 2017 CI to create and update this template a good interface and easy access too. This Angular JS Starter Kit is free with Bootstrap template design to quick start your project with template assets. We also thanks to all the free angular resources used to make this happens.