Bootstrap template design documentation for easy to use

Bootstrap Template Design Introduction

Bootstrap 4.1 framework based HTML responsive template with wide range of pre-designed HTML widgets, blocks and styles. Documents provide code preview for easy to understand classes and structure.

Bootstrap Template Design is based on bootstrap 4.1 framework and we provide wide range of customized, unique creative and flexible components. We are growing component library with widgets and other third party customization. Our goal and target to create many other demo application for our customer so they can easily get ready html pages code that can be satisfy requirements. Here, Guidelines provided is for understanding of basic structure framework and about template. Mentioned many the criteria which are unique and for easy to understand. We welcomes if anything missed or required more clarifications. For the third parties we recommend to visit official documents for complete guidelines about third parties. While developing this template we have used html editor during this documentation and code writing. We also used Scout-app : The Sass GUI tool for compilation for scss. In the Bootstrap Template Design there is option to color themes with different css you can switch other style theme separate css. By separate css we can reduce page load while writing and overriding css properties. Template includes SCSS files which can be easily modified as per you need. With customized color variables properties of bootstrap variables scss. For the responsive we have try to achieve minimum resolution support. So keep the things in desktop by considering mobile support wherever required.

Folder structure

+ assets > Audio 
+ assets > css
+ assets > img
+ assets > js 
+ assets > scss
+ assets > vendors
+ components
+ example-applications
  + admindashboard-classic
  + admindashboard-full-background
  + admindashboard-trendy
+ pages
website pages
  • assets > audio: Audio files placed here
  • assets > css: Template css are placed at this folder
  • assets > img: All images used in tempaltes for display purpose are stored here (Does not included third party plugin’s image in this folder)
  • assets > js: Template js files kept in this folder
  • assets > scss: Template scss files kept in this folder
  • assets > vendors: Includes many of the third party with our template to show how it looks like with our template theme. Most of the plugin used MIT licence and free commercial use licences but further We strongly recommend to check licence once if your business domain, content are allow you to use third party.
  • components: All template component/widget block html are included into this folder.
  • example-applications: All demo html pages with folder wise grouped in this folder
  • pages: Added unique and creative designs for some of common pages used in websites are into this folder.
All the assets are placed in folder are as per our requirements for demo and template. You can start with fresh copy and can add items as per your need in the application or website creation.