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There are lots of people have special ability of color blindness and have difficulties to read small text. We always thinks about the users and template provides few accessibility features like font resizing from desktop to make fonts overall bigger and smaller. There is also one black and white stylesheet included which create almost black and white layout which helps specially to people who have color blindness ability.

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GoTRI Mobile is HTML, CSS and js templates. We have covered major HTML elements and also customized widget elements with this. We’ll also expand it and always HTML5 and major use of CSS3 we targeted and think of for future releases

Responsive Web

The framework we have used is bootstrap 4.1.3 version so its uses flex-box properties and gives much smooth responsive utilities. The framework itself comes with responsive adjust into major devices small to large

Browser Support

As the latest technology and framework targeted it comes with Major all latest versions of browser Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 10+, Edge and opera. We also consider devices layout will be responsive and gives new touch


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18+ Colors and 50+ Possibilities
Extended your brand colors with SASS.

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