Quick understanding about scss compiler Scout-App

Bootstrap Template Design uses Scout-App as SCSS compiler. It exports many of the different format of css compilation. It does it all automatically whenever you change SCSS properties or add once project configured and in progress state. Provides facility to add multiple project and also can change status in progress each individually.

Scout-app official can be downloaded from here –> http://scout-app.io/.

Here some simple steps are provide to setup Scout-App SCSS Compiler. Also we have used Bracket.io as HTML editor
When you open your project into any editor you can see folder assets into that with css and scss folder inside it. Our Input folder will be scss and Output folder is css folder. We have also added all bootstrap scss and template customized scss in one style.css some time it helps to use variables defined earlier in bootstrap css.

After opening Scout app click on add project or you can use drag and drop functionality. Add Project + will show you dialog to select project folder. Reach to directory by drill down folders and select HTML or assets folder from it.

Now after selecting project folder below window you can see and also see the two input box. First is input folder here as we discussed earlier select SCSS folder from your project.

Second is to select out put folder where your compiled css will be placed. Select css folder here.

Next is Environment, you can select your development environment whichever best suited to you and compile your css according like compressed, expanded, compect, nexted etc. formats.

Now your project is configured and also you can change status to progress by clicking on play icons in left sidebar project list. In progress status will compile css and also confirms if you made changes will automatically compile to css file. While making changes in scss you can just change status to progress.

Now you can see updated css file compiled and placed in css folder. You can easily verify with code editor.

Hope this will help you to easy getting started with template and compilation of scss. Give template you desired color schemes.

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